Friday, August 2, 2013

Grow Shitake Mushroom from the Kit


I loveeee mushrooms!.... any type of edible mushroom....Shitake, Oyster, Maitake ( Hen of woods ), Enoki, chanterelles, cremini. These are the most common type of mushroom we can found in market, except Maitake  I only come across once a year here where I live. I didn't see it on market this year..don't know because not as popular or other reason.  Maitake is the sweetest mushroom  compare to others that I mention above.  Even just saute it with garlic  were so tasty. The sweetness were company with very little bitterness after taste , it didn't bothers me.
I ate several type of mushroom in the past that I don't even know their names...found in the Asian market packed and written in language that  I can't read. It's meaty and smooth... Also ate some wild mushroom from Borneo and loved it.

There are so many edible mushroom that I only heard they names and see the pictures...and no luck find them  fresh in the market. Such as Lion's of Mane, Morel, Shaggy Mane
Then cross to my mind to grow it my self , with no experience growing mushroom I decide going with the mushroom kit. Every type of mushroom have difficulty to grow so I pick the easy one to start, Shitake mushroom.
Long story short, I got my mushroom kit online follow the direction and have plenty at the first harvest.