Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Summer Flowers and Vegetables Garden

Below is picture from one of my garden corner, you can spotted eggplants, watermelon, Italian sweet basils, green onions, Chinese celery, and Asian spinach among the flower. I build the raise bed from the tree trunks to give a dimension. At the spring time pink tulip emerged from the raise bed. When they die back, I filled the place  by some herbs and eggplants.

Flowers and the companion

Another angle below shows a Renier cherry tree, and some strawberries underneath the branches. Left side I planted Rose, daisy, mums, coral bells, and climbing tornless blackberry, hopefully will cover the sight of AC machine.
On the foreground Petunia and verbena are blooming all the time... which I like!

Petunia and verbena

I recenty harvested these eggplants...I planted them from seeds. I cooked them the way my Mom used to cook the eggplant with chopped shrimp. The texture of the eggplants were smooth and tender because I harvested them at a young age. I will post the recipe soon. More eggplants have formed in small bulbs now, I'm pretty satisfied.
As you can see I got some melons too. I picked one already and have 3 more on the ground. Hopefully all will ripe before the cold weather comes.

I'm not sure what is this..looks like Southern Belle Hibiscus but in really tiny form



Hybrid tea Rose- Royal Highness

Red Clover Flower




  1. Such a lovely and inspired post! Your blog is very helpful to bring new ideas on landscape.This is great site and has useful information. I really love red Clover flower and petunia. i do have some other plants also in my garden which makes my garden looks like a heaven.

  2. Thank you. I try to incorporate both flowers and vegetables into my garden. At first glance I want people to see beauty and not just rows of vegetables:)
    Happy gardening!

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