Thursday, June 30, 2011

Baby Fox Picture - Oxford, MD

This cute photograph was taken in Oxford, MD during the Spring. A family of foxes had built a den under the shed at Sandaway Waterfront Lodging. I got as close as 15 feet away before I took this photo. My husband was worried that the mother fox would get mad and chase me. Luckily, the mother fox never showed up.

"Big Brother" Fox is on guard.

Baby foxes in Oxford, Maryland.


Oxford MD Picket Fence Tour

This is my 2011 entry for the 2011 Oxford Picket Fence Tour. Area artists are invited to paint on portions of Oxford, Maryland's famous picket fence design. Each artist selects a charity to support and there is an auction in October. I chose to support Water For People.

 My theme for the fence is the Oxford Day Parade. The Oxford Day Parade is a fun event that happens at the end of April each year in Oxford, MD.

Waiting For The Parade
Oxford Day Parade

Oxford Day Parade Video